Fire regulation & compliance

“When it comes to furnishings and soft furnishings for commercial or non-domestic use there are strict laws and regulations that need to be met in order to be compliant.”

We have been supplying commercial customers for over 20 years and so knows the regulations in and
out, every product we supply will be fully compliant
with all UK fire regulations as standard and if you have
any questions our team are on hand to help.


Here we aim to give an introduction to the regulations surrounding soft furnishing for commercial
properties however when working together our team will handle all related compliance
without you having to worry.

The introduction of the “Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005” confirms the owner of a
building or its occupier is responsible for the fire safety of the premises and its contents. Curtains, soft furnishing and furniture must be considered in the buildings overall fire safety.

British Standard (BS) are used to establish the testing criteria the fabrics must achieve. All
manufacturers of fire retardant fabrics will need to provide certification (from independent
tester) to confirm compliance with the relevant British Standard. We will ensure all fabrics
meet the required standards and we will provide copies of the certificates for your

Soft furnishings (Curtains, Blinds etc) are required to meet one of 2 standards depending on the commercial sector they will be used in. 

BS5867 Part 2 Type B – Hotels, Public Buildings and

BS5867 Part 2 Type C – Hospital and Healthcare

Any fabrics which are not inherent fire retardant to the standard may be able to be treated. This
may enable you to use fabrics which normally would not be acceptable. We will manage the
treatment of any fabrics and provide the necessary certification. Correct certification is a registration requirement by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if the fabrics are to be installed in any care facility.


During the initial design phase our team will gather the
necessary information need to ensure the fabrics, fittings and extras selected
are compliant for the environment they will be used in,
if joining your team at a later stage in the process we will conduct a thorough review of all
relevant materials, again to ensure compliance for end use.

Over our years of service, we have developed relationships with top UK contract fabric suppliers, all fabrics from these top
brands will be fully compliant and inherently fire retardantIf a non-inherently fire retardant fabric is selected from retail fabric brands it will be necessary to send the material to be treated, we can handle this in-house to ensure all documentation is correct and compliant.

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