Dulas Court

Located in Ewyas Harold close to Hereford and centered in 14 acres of beautiful scenic land Dulas Court is a high-end care facility for up to 31 residents.


Working with our partners and Herefordshire Care Homes, our team were involved in the renovation of the truly grand Victorian country house into the perfect location for the provision of exceptional care.

The scenic location and architecture of the property was a key factor in the soft furnishings design,  wanting to preserve and accentuate the building's features during the renovation was a top priority.

"The building has large grand windows that overlook beautiful countryside and so allowing for views while providing privacy affected the design choices" - Lorraine, WL Interiors

Our team worked to select fabrics, styles and finishes that would achieve all design goals and be delivered on time and in budget.

Items Used

The traditional and luxury design of Dulas Court incorporated a variety of bespoke items:

  • Curtains - Pinch & Pencil Pleat
  • Pole & Ring fittings
  • Custom large pelmets
  • Tiebacks
  • Cushions


The project, from start to finish, required a full range of services including; soft furnishings design, fabric selection, manufacturing, installation, room dressing.


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