Rogerthorpe Manor

Located in Badsworth Yorkshire. A beautiful venue for weddings, country trips and community events. Rogerthorpe Manor is a historic building offering visitors high-quality rooms and dining facilities in the scenic countryside.


Working alongside our partners WL Interiors we contracted by the owners of Rogerthorpe Manor to renovate the sites 19th-century barns into bespoke private suits for wedding and leisure events. A full interior refurbishment was required and WL was chosen to supply bespoke curtains, blinds and soft furnishings for the refurbishment.

In keeping with the hotels 200-year history while creating a modern and unique feel required our team to bring together different design elements to create a truly bespoke interior.

Items Used

The high-end requirements of the interior design called for a wide range of soft furnishings and accessories. As well as curtains and blinds the design of Rogerthorpe Manor incorporated custom headboards with LED backlighting, coordinated bed end runners and bespoke designed pelmet boards.


WL Interiors were involved in the project at Rogerthorpe Manor from the initiation to completion. Working alongside our partners our team undertook; initial design, design finalisation, manufacturing, and installation.


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