Our aim throughout the entire process is to deliver the highest quality in the smoothest and most efficient way possible. In curtain installation this is no more crucial than at the fitting stage, when often months of work come together to deliver the final product.

Whether we are installing curtains, blinds or drapes it is often one of the last processes in a interiors project, having worked on hundreds of projects we have learnt to be flexible and work to ensure deadlines are meet and challenges overcome.

Experienced Blind & Curtain Installation

The correct installation of curtains and blinds is crucial as improper fixing will pose a safety hazard as well as risking damage to walls and ceilings. That’s why we only use our own in-house fitting team who are trained and accredited in blind and curtain installation including CHAS and Made it Safe.


Often we are working in operating properties or under the umbrella of another company and so the professionalism of our blind and curtain installation teams is a priority of ours. We will always leave an area as clean as before we started if working on building sites we are CSCS qualified and our fitters really care about the quality of the finished product.


The hand over stage is the most important day for our clients and to us its the day we see our work come together. The final look and quality of months of work depend on the quality of installation. That’s why before handover our management looks over the entire property, doing one last check on the soft furnishings provided and that everything is perfect.

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