Soft furnishing & fire retardant regulations

When specifying curtains, blinds and soft furnishings for commercial projects it is important to consider fire retardancy requirements from the beginning.  Recent incidents have brought the issue of fire safety to the forefront of the public’s mind as well as the companies who build where people live and work.

In this post, we aim to explain how you as a specifier or contractor can ensure your project is compliant.

We will be discussing the requirements for commercial environments such as; hotels, offices, restaurants and healthcare environments as well as what fabrics ratings mean what.


UK Fire standards & ratings

The official standard for fire retardancy of curtains, blinds and soft furnishings in the UK is BS 5867: Part 2: 2008: Type B or Type C Hotels, restaurants, student accommodations etc are all covered by Type B with type C covering special healthcare environments such as dementia or mental health wards.


European Fire standards

In recent years the import of fabrics and linings from Europe has increased and so it is worth covering the most common European testing standards in relation to UK regulations.

Two of the most common are German and French.

  • French – Standard – NFP92 503-505 M1 – Ratings M1
  • German – Standard – DIN 4102 B1/B2 – Rating B1/B2

These standards are used widely and accepted as equivalent to UK ratings and standards.


What materials need to be compliant?

The fabric used on the face of the curtains, blinds and furnishings is not the only material required to be fire retardant, It is important to ensure all components such as lining, interlining and tape are of the required safety ratings.

When specifying for your project ensure the provider/supplier understands the regulations and all fabrics used are inherently fire retardant to the correct standard. If you have any questions regarding UK fire regulations please get in touch.


At WL we are experts in contract soft furnishings and our team are on hand to from design to installation. All our curtains and blinds are manufactured in-house and to all UK fire regulations.

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