What are black out blinds?

Blackout blinds are blinds designed and installed with the purpose of preventing as much light as possible from entering a room.


Blackout blinds are an important consideration for property developers, facilities managers and interior designers.

When specifying for blackout blinds there are multiple factors to take into account; where will the blinds be used, do they need to exclude 100% of light? will they be used in the day or night?.


The aim of this post is to guide you through the process of selecting the right blackout blinds for your project.


In our experience the 3 most common situations blackout blinds are used in are:

Commercial bedrooms – Care homes, hotels & student accommodations

School class rooms

Office conference rooms

We know this is not an exhaustive list and so if your project does not fit in with this please contact us on 01924 566100.



In any room where residents or guests will be spending the night, most providers like to ensure there is minimal light pollution from cars or street lights.

The most popular way to do this is with blackout roman blinds, these blinds are made to the exact measurements of the window and using a 3 pass blackout lining that blocks almost all light.

The benefits of blackout roman blinds for hotels, student accommodations and care homes are:

  • Simple installation – no modification of the window frame required.
  • Bespoke – Produced to clients designs the blinds can be made in any fire retardant fabric
  • High quality – Rather than roller or wooden counterparts roman blinds can be made in luxury fabrics and linings to suit high-end designs


Schools & Offices

A popular choice for schools and office spaces are perfect-fit or dim out blinds.

Perfect fit blinds are a type of roller blinds that consist of a treated fabric housed in a cassette, this is attached to the window frame to ensure a “perfect fit” that ensures minimal light is allowed to pass through.

Perfect fit blinds are suitable for; science classrooms, projector rooms, boardrooms and presentation rooms.

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